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Hip Hop Grows Up Inc. ~  The iPositive Curriculum

​HIP HOP GROWS UP, Incorporated has generated a three-part curriculum of character education designed to allow
students to matriculate through the lessons of affirmations, self-esteem, vocabulary, character education,
critical-thinking, sympathy, empathy, and leadership..

The iPositive Movement

The programming is a declaration to increase vocabulary, self-esteem, and optimal thinking. This course aids in
building a child’s confidence and self-love. It utilizes flash cards, mnemonic devices, games, and scenarios to enhance
students’ knowledge and prepares a foundation for high achievement.

The 7-Ups

The programming is a repetitive statement of belief infused with enhancing critical-thinking, problem-solving, and
affirmation. It utilizes flash cards, gaming-scenarios, reading, and written work. The course teaches discipline and
develops mental strength.

The Change Experience

The programming is rooted in profundity and realism. This course enhances humanity, empathy, sympathy, and
ambition. The Change Experience teaches at least 14 disciplines, namely: holistic health, financial literacy, global
leadership, activism, family relationship-strategies, peer-to-peer relationship strategies, career preparation, and
cultural awareness, self-esteem, in and beyond corrections, youth entrepreneurship, global etiquette, spiritual
education, and philanthropy. This course is rooted in experiential learning and develops youth for leadership in all areas.

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. ® , Atlanta, GA 30330, Phone: 229.291.4954, Email: [email protected], website: hiphopgrowsup.com
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​    The Global Change Experience 
"Recreating the global village it takes 
to raise our children."
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ABOUT Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. (HHGU, Inc.)

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with programming based upon transformative education. HHGU provides a
curriculum that supplements families, churches, community centers, public and private school academia. HHGU, Inc. provides an innovative
educational curriculum which emphasizes positive character-building and structured family ethics and values to support the growth of young people to become viable local, regional, national, and global citizens.


We will roll out (5) Pillars of the HHGU's National Neighborhood YOUth Watch during our initial partnership meetings. We need your help "In the Village" our communities, our neighborhoods. Please call 229.291.4954 Or Email- [email protected]

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. Vision

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. is set to recreate the village it takes to raise our children.

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. Mission

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. is here to bridge the gaps in education between parents, educators, and other positive mentors in the community to
improve life for children and families.