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HHGU, Inc. is an educational 501(C)3 non-profit organization with a curriculum that supplements public or private school academic program. HHGU, Inc. provides an innovative educational curriculum which enhances the public or private school system academic curriculum. The school systems provide the academic programs, and HHGU Inc. addresses self esteem, vocabulary, critical-thinking, and leadership along with incorporating physical activity and nutrition. Our program prepares the student for the classroom instructor.
HHGU closes the gaps in education, between parents/guardians, youth, and educators via a strategic 
curriculum, broadcast programming, conferences, social media, and staunch educational, political, and 
entertainment influence. 

Hip Hop Grows Up Inc. ~ The “I Positive Movement”

The "iPositive Movement" is under the umbrella of the HHGU, Inc. Change Experience. The Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. Curriculum is your
 School Program, Girls Mentoring, Boys Mentoring, Youth Mentoring, Education program. As a youth and family-mentoring nonprofit, Hip Hop Grows Up, Incorporated has taken on the responsibility of not only working with youth and families in the community, but also demonstrating the example of living a healthy, positive, productive, and service-centered lifestyle now and beyond!

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. ® , Atlanta, GA 30330, Phone: 229.291.4954, Email: [email protected], website: hiphopgrowsup.com
Globally, we have one of the best mentoring programs.                      
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"Recreating the global village it takes 
to raise our children."
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HHGU is working to get the buy-in from partners in our community to form “The National Neighborhood Youth Watch” Initiative which is dependent upon neighborhood adults: parents, guardians, church-clergy and members, law enforcement, positive mentors who will gather within the neighborhood weekly and/or monthly to discuss the status of youth and assist them by any positive means necessary, in their education and in daily activities within their communities – the villages.
We will roll out (5) Pillars of the YOUth Watch during the initial partnership meetings. We need your help "In the Village" our communities, our neighborhoods. Please call 229.291.4954 Or Email- [email protected]