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Cecillia "Ce Ce" Morris

Ms. Cecillia “CeCe” Morris is a mother, grandmother, health educator, fundraiser, and manager. Retired Senior Manager
 for American Cancer Society; Former Broadcast Radio Manager for Silver Star Communications, Keys Communications, Williams Broadcasting and Cumulus Media; and an On-Air Personality past and present. Ms. Morris currently co-hosts a weekly talk show entitled iPositive Talk Radio on 92.7 WASU on the campus of Albany State University, Albany Georgia and globally on blogtalk radio/ipositive talk. She is also the Co-founder of Hip Hop Grows Up Inc. an educational program for youth and young adults. Morris is the mother of four children. 
In looking back over Morris’ life in entertainment and education, since the age of 15, she asserts, the underlying thread of her concern is always the state of ALL youth. “My sincerity and passion will always remain with a young person.” She further asserts to young people, guardians, and educators, “We must ask our young people and we must know the answers to these questions. Where are you going? What are you doing? And what are you thinking? The youth must know these answers, also. And we, guardians, must make certain they are accountable.” 
Morris firmly believes that an idle mind is truly a devil’s workshop, especially for children. Hip Hop Grows Up Inc. Co-Founder, Ms. Morris refers to ‘parents’ today as ‘guardians,’ and she believes that ultimately we are 'each' guardians of 'all' children; thus, we must each be concerned. Morris also believes we should never forget the best way to raise children is by creating a strong and an earnest village. She states, “Despite the ills of our societies, we must form ‘more’ circles of sincerity around our youth. HHGU, Inc. will always believe there are ‘more’ good people in our world than the latter. HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. is here to recreate the village/community it takes to raise children.”  

   Talia E. Ashley -Co-Founder      
Ms.Talia Ashley is an educator, writer, former entertainment executive, and a student. Ashley is also the daughter of the 
co-founder of HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc., Ms. Cecillia “CeCe” Morris. And as a result of her travels both abroad and in the states, she has found her life’s purpose. Ashley’s purpose is to inspire the world, particularly the youth, to be well-rounded citizens, who are progressive, productive, and positive. 
Ashley wish is to always infuse knowledge into young people,
as she continues to learn, and to inspire this same spirit in young people. She declares, “It is madness when a person stops or hesitates in going after his, or her, dream because of frustration, self-doubt, or whatever. Rather, we must remember that the one entity, which will last is — legacy. In creating a notable legacy, 
ask yourself, “What matters? Who matters?
 When you round everything to the common denominator, the answer will always be the YOUth. Both you, and our children, matter.” “Let us teach our children properly, and in-turn, learn from our children accordingly. Leave them with their innocence. They need it; we need it. And in getting to know our children, let us discover how they learn best. Take more interest in our children,
 in the details  of their lives, particularly. There are multiple ways children learn best. Some learn best, visually. Some comprehend best in logical patterns. Others understand things best in using their bodies. We must nurture their spirit of growth and progression. It’s the only way, we will survive. It is time for us to, truly, be more responsible for ourselves and our children. It is time for us to GROW UP!"
​HIP HOP GROWS UP, Inc. is here to recreate the village/community it takes to raise children.”  

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